¿Quien sabe? – Who knows?

Jorge and our “altar de muertos” – his mother taught us to observe this tradition Did you see the movie Coco when it was released in 2017? If so, you’ll remember that the story begins on November 1st, the night when the dead are supposedly able to visit the families they left behind.  All theyContinue reading “¿Quien sabe? – Who knows?”

Life is like a bowl of soup…

Mom used to make delicious soup from the carcass of the Thanksgiving turkey… we kids gobbled it up, and she joked that the meal was “the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers.” In Mexico I have carried on the tradition… whenever turkey is cooked in our house, soup will follow. Every year, as the Thanksgiving mealContinue reading “Life is like a bowl of soup…”

Cartas a Frida

    I do not often review a restaurant on this blog, but yesterday I had a delightful experience that I want to share… To start with, if you are in Yucatan right now, you know the weather has been beastly hot and humid.  The temperature usually drops after sunset, yet last night at 8Continue reading “Cartas a Frida”