Guadalupe – Reyes

  Many a confused northerner has asked: What is Guadalupe – Reyes? Well, unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve noticed that Merida is an extremely social place – all year ‘round – but the revelry goes into hyper drive at the end of the outgoing year and the first week of theContinue reading “Guadalupe – Reyes”

Even blurry photos are worth a thousand words…

Spain’s Camino de Santiago Compostela is a world famous pilgrimage. People from all over walk for hundreds of kilometers to renew their spiritual energy. And in Mexico, we have a similar tradition – the annual pilgrimage from every Mexican village, town and city, to one of the churches dedicated to the patron saint of MexicoContinue reading “Even blurry photos are worth a thousand words…”

La Virgen de Guadalupe

  In Mexico, many holidays are celebrated the night before the actual feast day. For example, the Independence of Mexico on September 16th is celebrated on the night of the 15th. Family fiestas to commemorate Christmas are held on Christmas Eve – a lot of people stay up until dawn – and then sleep most ofContinue reading “La Virgen de Guadalupe”