Desert Hills Ranch in Ashcroft, BC

A bit of back story about today’s post:  Two years ago, my sister proposed a day trip to Desert Hills, a ranch in Ashcroft, a small town, located an hour and a half from Kamloops. Driving such a distance, just to buy veggies and fruit, is so like Barb. Her never-ending quest for the freshest,Continue reading “Desert Hills Ranch in Ashcroft, BC”

An Utterly Canadian Experience (with a taste of Guatemala)

During the past couple of months, Jorge and I have traveled about 4,000 kilometres visiting friends and family – all the way from coastal British Columbia to the heartland of the Prairies – and back again. We attended my nephew Mitchel’s wedding to beautiful Kelsey; and afterwards, knocked back slammer-shots (YIKES!) with our young niecesContinue reading “An Utterly Canadian Experience (with a taste of Guatemala)”

National Indigenous Peoples’ Day

A detail of the new totem dedicated yesterday at Edmonds Community School In Canada, June 21st is not only the first day of summer; it is National Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Formerly called National Aboriginal Day, it celebrates the unique heritage, diverse cultures, and outstanding achievements of the First Nations. Indigenous peoples in Canada have traditionallyContinue reading “National Indigenous Peoples’ Day”