A Day Without Women

Feminist groups in Mexico have organized a peaceful, personal protest called, “A Day Without Women”, to be set in motion on Monday March 9th. They aim to demonstrate what the country would look like without women. The goal is to see NO women in offices or schools. NO women in restaurants or stores. NO womenContinue reading “A Day Without Women”

The yearly driving rant

For about a year now, I have refrained from writing about: “Driving in Merida”. But if you are like me, you know the lack of caution and the road rage is getting worse all the time, and forgive me, but I have to vent. Why oh why can’t the drivers sharing the streets with meContinue reading “The yearly driving rant”

Anti-noise laws in Merida

  Today an article I wrote was published by the online news service, “Yucatan Expat Life”. I am posting it here for readers who don’t have access to the Merida facebook feed, and for those who do not have a FB account. Here’s the link: The Centro was designed to for peaceful living, cantinas andContinue reading “Anti-noise laws in Merida”