Now… at 89

Grant Spradling has lived a full life. Fufilling, Unconventional… one of Laugher and of Love. Among much, much else, Grant has authored and published five books, and this week he will launch his latest, The Chelem Papers. Actually, there are to be two events: Tuesday September 18th for Merida residents at: Hennessy’s Irish Pub, onContinue reading “Now… at 89”

Danny Collins

Do you have favourite words? Well, I do. Some are from Spanish, my second language. I like them for their sound – like equipaje – melodic, sensual, and exotic. In Spanish, this word means luggage, and it is pronounced – eh-kee-pah-hey – but don’t say it in a jerky way, you need to slur theContinue reading “Danny Collins”

A Rose in her Hair: Part 5

  Monica stood out on the curb, in front of the magenta-coloured bougainvillea branches sprawling every which way over the high wall of the villa’s facade. Those flowers remind me of the finger-paintings my kids made when they were in Kindergarten – she mused – too bad they had to grow up. She waved goodbyeContinue reading “A Rose in her Hair: Part 5”