The Barrage

Since writing, Magic Made in Mexico, my story is literally an open book… but I’ve not done anything illegal, or so-terribly embarrassing that I need to hide from “enquiring minds”. Really, it doesn’t bother me that people know quite a bit about my life. Nonetheless I feel uneasy with how much information my service providersContinue reading “The Barrage”

National Indigenous Peoples’ Day

A detail of the new totem dedicated yesterday at Edmonds Community School In Canada, June 21st is not only the first day of summer; it is National Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Formerly called National Aboriginal Day, it celebrates the unique heritage, diverse cultures, and outstanding achievements of the First Nations. Indigenous peoples in Canada have traditionallyContinue reading “National Indigenous Peoples’ Day”

Elena Poniatowska II

  Today I am going to write more about lunch with the writer, Elena Poniatowska. Elena Poniatowska is a firm supporter of Mexico’s recently-instated president, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO). In fact she has been his advocate since 2006 when he ran against the victorious PAN candidate. It is generally agreed that AMLO lost thatContinue reading “Elena Poniatowska II”