Illuminating… think about it

A lovely little bird sent this to me… (The following post is not my writing. The author is unknown , but the piece was sent to me by Jeannie H., my long-time friend and colleague. I could not have expressed the sentiment better. I posted it on facebook but not everyone I know is aContinue reading “Illuminating… think about it”

The U.S.A. just ain’t what she used to be…

I grew up on the Canadian – American border, and our family spent some summers at Point Roberts and South Beach, in Washington State . I remember tidal pools and sand bars teeming with crawly creatures we would catch, and then release when the tide rose.. Although these two communities are located on a tinyContinue reading “The U.S.A. just ain’t what she used to be…”

The Barrage

Since writing, Magic Made in Mexico, my story is literally an open book… but I’ve not done anything illegal, or so-terribly embarrassing that I need to hide from “enquiring minds”. Really, it doesn’t bother me that people know quite a bit about my life. Nonetheless I feel uneasy with how much information my service providersContinue reading “The Barrage”