Merida in 5 Days Watercolour Artists Rendezvous

This is Carolina Weiss On New Years Day 1991, Carolina and her husband, Raymond crossed the border into Mexico, and after 70 miles of driving, they reached Ensenada… sighed happily… and continued south. They traveled for a much longer time than anyone else I’ve ever known.  A dog-eared copy of  “The Hidden Beaches of  Mexico”Continue reading “Merida in 5 Days Watercolour Artists Rendezvous”

Anti-noise laws in Merida

  Today an article I wrote was published by the online news service, “Yucatan Expat Life”. I am posting it here for readers who don’t have access to the Merida facebook feed, and for those who do not have a FB account. Here’s the link: The Centro was designed to for peaceful living, cantinas andContinue reading “Anti-noise laws in Merida”

International Women’s Club of Merida Thank you Fiona… Welcome Connie

The International Women’s Club of Merida (IWC) has been an active presence in our city for more than 35 years. Like many women’s clubs all over the world, ours was initially formed so that women could meet and make friendships. Moving to a new country always entails a period of cultural adaptation, and lots ofContinue reading “International Women’s Club of Merida Thank you Fiona… Welcome Connie”