The Wide Open Skies

As the crow flies…

The grand majority of our family has travelled by train, car and aeroplane – to Foam Lake, Saskachewan – for the wedding of Mitchell, our youngest brother’s eldest son. We have filled up all the rooms at the local motel and still more of our group are in their RVs and tents at the campsite across the road.

The bride is Kelsey, whose family live in this prairie town. And a charming place it is. Getting here from Kamloops took all day, but what a glorious trip – especially the 250 km drive from the Saskatoon airport to Foam Lake – I now know the meaning of WIDE-OPEN SKIES!

The following slide show does not live up to the images and impressions in my mind, but you’ll get an idea of the space of this place.  Tomorrow, after the wedding, I’ll hopefully be in shape to tell you more about this marvellous gathering.

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I am originally from Canada but have lived in Mexico since 1976. My husband is from Merida, Yucatan and we raised our family here. We both worked for many years at Tecnologia Turistica Total (TTT), the tourism, language and multimedia college we founded for local and international students. Now retired, we enjoy spending time with family and friends, My other interests include spending time with freinds, reading, painting, cooking and travel.

14 thoughts on “The Wide Open Skies

  1. I once drove from Halifax to Cape Breton and thought THAT was a long stretch. I had never seen so many trees in my life with very few houses. That was back in the late ’90’s it may be different now. Canada is a very LARGE country but also very beautiful! Have a great time at the wedding! xoxo


      1. Like others who have commented on this post, you know the joy of travel. Not simply staying an all-inclusive resort, but real adventure. And you are still enjoying the journey… What an inspring auntie you are.


    1. The morning of the wedding, the temperature was 3 degrees C. It warmed up a bit, but my strapless jumpsuit and the matching lace bolero stayed in my suitcase! So scenery alone does not provide surprising diversity in Canada… it IS quite a country!


  2. Wonderful pictures Joanna and yes, such a scenic part of our great country for sure. Were you able to connect with Jan/Richard during this journey? Be well! Alllan


    1. Hi Allan… it has been such a busy time that I was unable to reach out to our friends. But I hope that soon, our happy trails will include a trip back to the prairies. I am returning to Merida early next month… when do you plan to be in Yucatan again?


  3. Everyone should drive across Canada at least once.The vastness of the country is beyond mere imagination. Did the Eastern segment when we lived in Montreal, but not Toronto to Vancouver and onto the ferry to Salt Spring Island, until we were moving back. Funnily enough, the points of traffic congestion driving the Trans-Canada H/way through Calgary were in exactly the same places as when I drove from Banff to Calgary Airport in October 1967 and flew east. The city has changed immensely since I was at university there, but that piece of road still had the same problems. My favourite part has always been driving through the mountains.


    1. “Mountain majesty” is not a loosely-awarded accolade… the scenery through the passes and gorges is breath-taking… but so it is in valleys, along long straight roads and twisty jungle trails… aren’t we lucky to live in such a diverse world? We have to take better care of such treasure.


  4. Two things that totally amazed me about the vastness of our country: The first was when I flew from Vienna to YYZ many years ago in late September/early October was the never-ending sea of flaming red I saw on a sunny clear day – it was a non-stop red carpet of maple leaves. It was totally breath-taking. The other was when I was flying to Vancouver and going over the Rockies again on another clear day. Never having lived close to these majestic mountains I thought I would be up and over them in a matter of minutes but again they were non-stop. I have yet to see the mid west.


    1. Aren’t we lucky to live such amazing adventures? “Life is a journey,” they say, and I couldn’t agree more. I am returning to Yucatan early next month, but I will recall this lovely time for years to come.


  5. Ahh, The amazing majesty of roadtrips! In July, 1974, my husband, Jorge, and I and our 3- and 5-year-old children drove from “sea-to-shining-sea” across the US, from Maryland to California. After California, we drove back eastward to El Paso, Texas and from there to Mexico City and then all the way to Chetmal, Q. Roo and then backtracked to Mexico City, a six-week, 10,000 km, unforgettable journey. In the US, we stopped at campgrounds one night and then stayed the next night at some small motel with a pool along the highway. In the middle of what is called “The Painted Desert” in Arizona we simply couldn’t find a place to sleep so we pulled into a rest area and settled in for the night. I shall never forget waking up at dawn, surrounded by purple and rust-colored boulders, multi-colored sagebrush, a spectacular array of cactii all in bloom and one of the most colorful sunrises I have ever seen. Even our small children were speechless.
    Thank you, Joanna, for sharing your trip through such beautiful country with us.


    1. I’ve actually heard some people say that travel is a waste of time and money. In 1974, you made a trip that you can still recall in vivid detail… You have enjoyed the memories of that trip for 49 years… pretty good value, I’d say! I too am lucky to have those kinds of memories… what a blessing!


  6. Thank you for your post and especially the photos Joanna. Having been born and raised in Winnipeg, and my parents coming from farms, driving on the prairie, the vastness of the sky, the beautiful fields full of grain, all call to my heart. Your photos actually brought me pangs, oh how I miss it sometimes! Too many think of the prairie as empty or ugly or boring but it is beautiful!

    I just love how far you can see, that’s probably why I have felt drawn to Yucatan, I love the flat land and the huge sky.


    1. Hi Joanne… I am a west coast girl, so mountains dripping with ferns and evergreens are the landscapes imprinted on my soul. But I have been blessed with time spent in other places and I’ve learned that beauty is everywhere. I have now added those wide open skies, the shifting colours, light and textures I saw on the prairie to my memories of visual splendour.


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